What MoVED has learned in Ukraine?  

November 16, 2023
Mikko-Pekka Hanski

MoVED is focused on real actions that have direct impact in Ukraine. To do that, we had to go to Ukraine to understand the context, create connections and build networks. 

Rebuilding has already begun

After two visits in Ukraine during 2023 and discussions with a large group of people, we have been able to gain an understanding about what is going on in the rebuilding of Ukraine. First of all, rebuilding is very much ongoing. Rebuilding most definitely does not happen only after the fighting has stopped.

The role of small and agile players

The scale and speed of the rebuilding has grown. The focus has changed from voluntary work to implementation by the government and large corporations. Especially infrastructure and systemic government level rebuilding is already governed by the big players. In this situation, small and agile operations like MoVED have shifted their role. The focus of MoVED is now on the very local, human-to-human level.

Quick wins needed on the homefront

The war may unfortunately go on for a long time. As building schools and roads takes time, the impact of rebuilding will be largely long term. In the meanwhile, Ukraine needs quick wins on the homefront. We need actions that raise spirits in Ukraine now. At the same time, people in the West tend to forget that the war is very much ongoing. We need to remind ourselves that we in the West still have the responsibility to help Ukraine rebuild and win.

Our response: MovED by Mentoring

Direct action, direct connections, showing up and an ongoing dialogue are what organisations like MovED can and should be about. Based on the findings from our field trips and research insights, MovED has created a targeted response, the MoVED by Mentoring programme. We are finding and connecting Ukrainian and Finnish teachers for peer-to-peer mentoring.

The objective is to a) create lasting connections, b) share knowledge and c) empower the key people in society: teachers. We know we will learn by doing, because it is already happening.

What MoVED has learned in Ukraine?  

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