Change lives, support teachers in Ukraine

October 6, 2023
Hannele Mennala

The purpose of MovED is to contribute to the renewal of the education system in Ukraine utilising the best educational expertise in the world. 

MovED was born in Finland. The Finnish education system has received international attention because of the students' high performance in international rankings. Many researchers have reported that the excellent quality of teachers seems to be a key factor in this success. Other reasons behind the good results of Finnish education are the purposeful policy aimed at equity and a high level of education for all.  

Therefore, we believe that the best way to improve the level of education and equity is to focus first on teachers. That’s why the purpose of MovED was crystallised as follows: 

“We want to empower young Ukrainians with world-class education by constantly improving the competencies of and respect for teachers.” 

We believe that supporting teachers needs to be emphasised more in the rebuilding of Ukraine. Teachers, together with the other school staff, are coping with the great challenges caused by the unjustified aggression and Covid. Some Ukrainian students may not have attended school physically for years. The aggression forced large numbers of Ukrainian students to flee from their homes and leave their local schools behind. School and educational staff in Ukraine are now faced with huge tasks, including integrating and engaging students returning to school in a crisis situation. This is what MovED wants to help with.

Our goal is to empower and support Ukrainian teachers in providing the best possible education for the youth of their country, thus helping to rebuild and create the Ukraine of tomorrow. 

Our next step is to create personal support and mentoring relationships for individual Ukrainian teachers. Step by step, and one by one. When you teach a child, you change a life. When you help a teacher teach, you impact many lives. We feel that it is action that creates hope. Together we #StandWithUkraine.

Change lives, support teachers in Ukraine

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