MovEd Launches a New Programme to Help Ukrainian Teachers

December 19, 2023
Hannele Mennala & Karoliina kaihovirta

Ukrainian teachers are in need of support, that's why MovEd just launched a new programme. Find out how you can join as either a mentor or mentee here:

Join the Programme Here

Why This Programme?

Ukrainian educators are currently coping with the direct frontline impact on youth resulting from the prolonged unjustified aggression. Recognizing the challenges and magnitude of the task at hand, Finnish teachers are reaching out to Ukraine through the MovED by Mentoring programme. Ukrainian teachers are now invited to enroll in this unique programme organized by

During our visits to Ukraine, the MovED team observed that teachers would benefit from aid in their demanding work amid the crisis. In response to the identified needs and wishes expressed in discussions, we established the MovED by Mentoring program to directly help teachers.

This program aims to support the resilience and empowerment of Ukrainian teachers by offering mentorship and guidance from Finnish teachers who are eager to help their Ukrainian counterparts.

Helping Ukrainian Teachers With Mentoring

MovED by Mentoring provides an extraordinary opportunity for mentorship, collaboration, and financial support from Creating a bridge between Finnish and Ukrainian teachers, the program facilitates a peer-to-peer mentoring initiative, fostering meaningful interactions and a direct connection to someone who understands the intricacies of the teaching profession.

The goal is to empower teachers to overcome adversity and persist in the force majeure situation they are facing in Ukraine.

Benefits for Ukrainian teachers joining MovED by Mentoring include:

  • Restoring faith through collaboration: Participants can find solace and guidance through peer-to-peer support from experienced Finnish educators, sharing challenges, worries, and dreams with a colleague.
  • Professional growth and competence development: The program encourages professional development to stay motivated by fostering an environment of shared experiences and mutual growth. Finnish mentors, known for their innovative teaching, have valuable insights to share with Ukrainian educators facing extremely challenging situations.
  • Provide feedback and advocate for Ukrainian teachers: Mentees from Ukraine will voice their needs and represent other teachers in Ukraine, helping MovED understand the support required in everyday work. Research results from interviews with Ukrainian teachers will be analyzed and shared to provide more effective support for the rebuilding of education in Ukraine.
  • Cultural exchange and global perspectives: The program transcends borders, fostering rich cultural exchange between Ukrainian and Finnish educators to broaden horizons, inspire, and encourage innovative thinking. Collaboration enables the sharing of best practices globally and navigating the challenges of the education landscape.
  • Networking and long-term connections: In addition to professional growth, the program enables Ukrainian and Finnish teachers to build lasting relationships, transcending boundaries and leading to collaboration extending beyond the program's duration.
  • Monetary support of 150e for maximum of 20 mentee teachers from Ukraine participating in this program. 100e/teacher of this support is provided by E-learning Finland Oy & Finnish Global Education services and 50e/teacher from Ministry of Good Spirit.

Programme Timeline

To join MovED by Mentoring, Ukrainian teachers interested in the program should apply by January 26th, 2024.

Mentor and mentee pairs will be matched based on the needs of Ukrainian teachers, and they will meet online 3-4 times during February - March 2024. The program includes a kick-off event, networking event, and a wrap-up meeting online, with all participants receiving a certification.

Monetary support from will be provided to each Ukrainian teacher participating in the entire program.

Visit to learn more about this unique program and to apply. MovED by Mentoring is more than just a program; it's a commitment to collaboration, empowerment, and fostering an international community of educators dedicated to making a difference.

Ukrainian teachers, seize this opportunity to connect with Finnish counterparts, share experiences, and overcome challenges together. Together, we can empower the next generation by nurturing resilience, fostering learning, and revitalizing education.

Join the program today and let the power of mentorship propel you towards empowerment!

MovEd Launches a New Programme to Help Ukrainian Teachers

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