Mentee from Ukraine: Anna's expectations of MovED by Mentoring

February 7, 2024
Royston D'Sa

Throughout uncertainty and adversity, tales of resilience inspire hope. Anna, a 25-year-old English teacher residing 100 km from Kyiv, shares her narrative of dedication, adaptation, and the transformative impact of the MovED by Mentoring program.

Anna's professional journey commenced with a focus on philology, but her passion for teaching led her to earn a diploma qualifying her to impart knowledge. She teaches English at a private school catering to students of various ages. In addition to her role as an English teacher, Anna embraces the position of Program Leader, I hold the position of a Team Leader at school and a Program Manager at the leadership camp for kids  guiding and mentoring her colleagues.

Residing in an area that currently experiences relative peace, Anna's daily life is far from ordinary. The threat of air raids occasionally disrupts teaching, requiring shelter breaks. Last winter, frequent blackouts added an extra layer of challenge. Despite these adversities, Anna and her colleagues persevere, now equipped with a generator to mitigate the impact of power outages.

Anna's teaching philosophy centers on a communicative approach and the use of games, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Thanks to her resilient attitude, she manages stress effectively and navigates unexpected disruptions with composure.

The MovED by Mentoring programme was recommended to Anna by her director, who also serves as her mentor.  “It would be an interesting experience to have another mentor, who is from another country and I am looking forward to this Mentoring programme,” says Anna . This program, designed to support and uplift educators, aligns with Anna's aspirations for personal and professional growth. Her eagerness to prevent burnout, explore curriculum improvements, and delve into student-centered teaching showcases her commitment to excellence in education.

Acknowledging the challenges within the Ukrainian school system, Anna highlights the shortage of quality teachers, exacerbated by the departure of 20,000 educators at the onset of the war. The urban-rural education gap further compounds these issues, with urban schools appearing more efficient than their rural counterparts. For Anna, the misalignment of curriculums with learners' needs stands out as a significant concern.

Despite the hurdles, Anna expresses gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the MovED by Mentoring program. Her enthusiasm for discussing these challenges, taking part in the project, and seeking solutions demonstrates her commitment to making a positive impact on the Ukrainian education system.

As Anna embarks on this mentoring journey, she looks forward to online meetings, additional tasks, assignments, and constructive feedback from her mentor. She envisions a collaborative learning experience that transcends physical boundaries, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and insights.

Anna graciously extends her intent to receive mentoring from the Finnish perspective, emphasizing her openness to dialogue and collaboration. Her story epitomizes resilience, determination, and the transformative power of mentorship, offering a beacon of hope for the future of education in Ukraine.

Mentee from Ukraine: Anna's expectations of MovED by Mentoring

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