Help Ukrainian Teachers by joining our new Mentorship Program

November 20, 2023
Hannele Mennala

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Ukraine needs a lot of help with the ongoing crisis and in rebuilding Ukraine. There are many who would like to do something concrete, but who also wonder what they could do - and where to begin. When donating money, it can be difficult to know who really benefits and what the actual impact will be. We believe we have found a way. 

A single individual can help and empower a colleague. We can help Ukraine one individual at a time - and do it in a way that can eventually be scaled to create a bigger impact. MovED decided to create a structure and platform to mobilize professionals to create action that creates hope - for all of us. 

“We wanted to create an example of what any professional can do 
to support the Ukrainian rebuild by using their expertise”.  

We will initiate peer-to-peer mentoring programme named MovED by Mentoring. This ensures that the support goes directly from Finnish teacher to Ukrainian colleague.  You can change the world for the better by helping one child. When you help one Ukrainian teacher,  you help many Ukrainian children and create hope for the future of Ukraine.

In practice, we are recruiting mentors and mentees in November-December 2023. After introductions and onboarding, the pairs will meet regularly at least three to four times online during February-March 2024. Then, we will consolidate the learnings - what type of material and non-material support is needed in Ukraine, and publish the results.

In this program, we are leveraging the MovED core competencies in education, mentoring, entrepreneurship and international trade as well as our unique networks connecting Finland and Ukraine. MovED wants to channel the existing goodwill for Ukraine to action that supports Ukrainians. As a small and agile organization, we can utilize our strengths by acting quickly and offering a small platform which will be used as a pilot to learn and develop. 

For the volunteer mentors, this is a unique and meaningful opportunity to support Ukrainians and learn. The EdTech field is really well developed in Ukraine so this can be an excellent learning experience for the mentors as well. You can truly get when you give.

If you got interested, act soon. Now we are on a lookout for volunteers 

  • Mentors in Finland to coach Ukrainian teachers 
  • Teacher mentees in Ukraine
  • Professional people to help in organizing MovED by mentoring, communicating about it and study results. 

We believe that everyone can do something to support Ukrainians suffering from the aggression. You can do too. We welcome you to join us!

Apply for the Mentorship Programme

Help Ukrainian Teachers by joining our new Mentorship Program

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