Zelenskyi’s call for action

May 26, 2023

International movement to rebuild Ukrainian minds launched in Finland in response to Zelenskyi’s call for action

MovED is an international non-profit movement founded in Finland in March 2023 to answer the call from Ukraine to support young Ukrainians with world-class education. MovED will focus on constantly improving the competencies of and respect for teachers.

We use creativity and music to inspire, raise awareness, funds and hope. The vast task of rebuilding Ukraine has already begun. Rebuilding infrastructure is not enough. The MovED story began in March 2022 when Ukrainians contacted the founders to make use of Finnish education and startup expertise. This wish was repeated in president Zelenskyi’s speech to the Finnish Parliament on 8th of April 2022 in which he specifically called for Finland to participate in the rebuilding using its educational knowhow. As the Director of the Junior Academy of Sciences in Ukraine (now Minister of Science and Education) Oksen Lisovyi said in an interview: “Finland is the best in Europe when it comes to education and innovation know-how.”

This sparked the founding of MovED, an international non-profit movement. Legally, we are a Finnish association registered as Voices For Freedom Ry. The movement is now active in Finland and Ukraine, but we aim to expand to other countries.

“MovED is already operating in Ukraine empowering young people. I believe that education is a key driver for better changes in society - and the world. I am very grateful to all of you people in Finland for your support for Ukraine,” says Vitalii Lisovyi, one of the founders of MovED.

MovED empowers young Ukrainians (focus 15–25 year olds) with world-class learning by constantly improving the competencies of and respect for teachers. We use creativity and music to inspire and raise awareness, funds and hope. Partners at the moment include KPMG Finland, The Ukrainian Association in Finland, The Ministry of Good Spirit, Brainy Education, Junior Academy of Sciences, Ukrainian Future, Makariv County, Freed, Slukh Media, The Ministry of Good Spirit, Vastuunkantavat, Innovation Home and Lyyti.

Our first target is to collect one million euros in Finland by March 2024. We will support the piloting of a new educational centre, teacher competence development, and a new curriculum based on STEM and music. The first test will be a music camp in the autumn of 2023. After piloting in Makariv, we will scale to other parts of Ukraine.

We are looking for donors, corporate and research partners, artists and event producers, and volunteers.

Our founders have worked with Ukraine for years, and are all active in the start-up communities.

Vitalii Lisovyi

CEO of Ukrainian Future business incubator, founder of MovED

+380 68 894 9298,

Mikko-Pekka Hanski

Founder of Ministry of Good Spirit and MovED. One of the founders of Idean.

+358 41 535 3281

Hannele Mennala

Business leader, startup co-founder and higher education expert. Founder of MovED. Worked for Ukraine since 2018.

+358 50 486 8586

Zelenskyi’s call for action

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