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Moved by Mentoring Programme

Ukrainian teachers are faced with an enormous challenge

They have to face bombed schools and traumatized children - alone. In the MovEd by Mentoring programme, Finnish teachers will support Ukrainian teachers emotionally and professionally in one-on-one relationships. Read more on our blog.

When you help a child, you can change the world. When you help one teacher, you can help hundreds of children.  We want to create peer-to-peer -connections between teachers from Finland and Ukraine to support and empower their important work in both countries, especially in Ukraine.

To do this we have launched a unique programme called MovED by Mentoring

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Ukraine Needs You

Join us in the rebuilding of Ukraine by empowering youth. We are looking for organisations and individuals from all walks of life. 

Every cent you can donate is a ray of hope for Ukrainian youth, yourself and all of us.
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We are looking for project managers, educational experts, event producers, creative communicators, artists and event producers, to name a few. When in doubt, ask us.
We are looking for companies and organisations that share the desire to empower Ukrainian youth with world-class learning.
Partners can contribute with their knowhow, resources and/or funding.